Monday, May 31, 2010

One of My Many Homes

Being a Third Culture Kid, I have many homes:
Houston, where I am now and am originally from; Holland, where my family currently resides; Sarah Lawrence, where I have been at school the last two years; and soon to be Trinity College Dublin, where I will spend the year abroad. These are some photos of the town where I live in Holland, Wassenaar. Shot with my Diana Mini.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We Are, Once Again, Doing Something New

Ok, clearly the plan to keep up the blog was not working. Why?
I think putting up so many photos at once was a bit of the problem.
So what now:
Since I stopped blogging as much I've become a film photographer. That's right. Film. Specifically a Lomography film/camera photographer. I have three film cameras at the moment, and hope to get a fourth soon. I have a Diana Mini with a Diana + Flash, a Holga, and a Polaroid (though that's not lomography..) and hope to get a Four Lens Action Sampler. Before I move on, let me say that I am in no way affiliated with, I'm just linking them because these are their products. I also don't mean to imply I buy from this website.
So lots of film photos, as well as digital. Another plan is to take down the number of photos to one or two a day, just cause if I put them all in one post, then it's a lot of waiting till the next batch of photos are taken for the next post. This also means there may be some re-posting of some previously posted photos every once in a while. Hopefully you can bear with me?
Also, with this post I go...shall we say.. Live?
So far I haven't advertised, as it were, on my facebook or anywhere else. Now, my friends, my photos are for all of you to see! I feel like especially since we will all be separate for over a year (or for you in Holland, have been separated for a while already,) it's a good way for you to see what I'm seeing or have seen.


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