Monday, June 14, 2010


Suzanne is one of my mother's friends. She is very eccentric, and very wonderful.
Suzanne likes to have art in her house from those around her. For instance, at the moment, she has multiple photos done by my mother, and a coloured pencil drawing of converse by me.
Soon she will also have these three photos hanging in her office:


The first photo was taken the day before Easter at an indoor market on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, the second was taken late at night at Rockefeller Center this past winter, and the third in Wassenaar, (Holland,) on my walk to the shopping street this spring.

Thank you Suzanne!


Aron said...

That second one is really cool!

Audrey Jaye said...

Thanks! I have my camera on the "B" or Bulb setting. It does cool things at night.

Melissa Blake said...

Just found your blog and love it! Nice photos!

Audrey Jaye said...

Thanks :)