Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Castle Hunting

Fall 2012 - Doune & Kilchurn Castles 

Doune Castle

Kilchurn Castle

Obviously the weather changed a bit in between these two locations. When the parents and I were in Scotland before classes started, we decided to go on a "Western Highlands" tour. It was absolutely beautiful for the first few hours, then it poured, then it got a little better but by then we were all soaked. My mother and I bought new socks halfway through. Though it was a bit horrendous at the time, I have to say I a little bit love the blurry rain photos that came out of it.

So Doune castle is, unsurprisingly, right outside the village of Doune, and though you can't see it, is just by the edge of the River Teith. Both Monty Python and Game of Thrones have filmed here - Monty Python used it for every castle in the Holy Grail, and Game of Thrones used it for the pilot, but still cool. We didn't get a chance to go inside, but I guess that leaves me more to do as the year goes on! 

Kilchurn Castle. Well, first off it's on the edge of Loch Awe, i.e. essentially in the Loch if it rains too much. Something about being on the ruins of a castle in the stormy weather was actually quite beautiful. It just may have actually been worth getting soaked. 

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