Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On the Streets

Summer 2012 - Utrecht

Utrecht's streets are full of many combinations of art - illegal, legal and Medieval all coexist. 
Illegal - the classiest stencil I've ever seen.
Legal - The Letters of Utrecht, an endless poem that began lining the streets of the Oudegracht (Old Canal) this June - every Sunday a new letter is laid. 
Medieval - A rock chained to a building. Why? The rock was originally placed on the corner so that carriages would not run into the building. Sometime in the middle ages it was decided that evil spirits congregated around it, so to keep them from taking it away, it was chained to the building. And, you know, it just stayed there. 

I absolutely loved the day that I spent in Utrecht - I can't thank Chris enough for showing me around and sharing with me all it's fascinating history. 

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