Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Getting Home

Winter 2010 - Train Ride

Getting home at the end of my first semester in Dublin was... and Adventure. Many people studying abroad had trouble getting back to America, but there I was, having just as much trouble getting back to Holland.
My flight out of Dublin was canceled due to a huge snowstorm in The Netherlands and they were projecting that the Dublin Airport would be shut the next day. So, I flew to London on a flight that was delayed due to snow in London, arrived at about 1:30am, took the Gatwick Express into London, then took a too expensive taxi to the Hotel I was supposed to stay in overnight. By that time it was 3:30, and I had to be in the station ready to catch the Euro Rail at 6:30. I took a nap. The Euro Rail took me through France and Belgium, where I transferred to a local train to The Netherlands. Finally, exhausted, but amazed at the sights outside my window I pulled out my camera.
 Less than 24 hours after I left, and after traveling through five countries, (Ireland, The UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands,) I was home. The next day, I got on a plane to Germany.

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